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By Valeri Karpov, Kernel Tools engineer at MongoDB and and co-founder of the Ascot Project

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me for help with PostgreSQL. As someone who’s been blissfully SQL-­free for a year, I was quite curious to find out why he wasn’t just using MongoDB instead. It turns out that he thinks MongoDB is too difficult to use for a quick weekend hack, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I just finished my second 24 hour hackathon using Mongo and NodeJS (the FinTech Hackathon co­sponsored by 10gen) and can confidently say that there is no reason to use anything else for your next hackathon or REST API hack.

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Update: We’ve written a complementary post that goes into more depth. Read this first and then check out Rails in Realtime, Part 2.

LayerVault is built using the popular web framework, Ruby on Rails. The framework, at times known for its divisiveness, has allowed LayerVault to grow from a single box to a swarm of machines over the past year. Recently, there has been a wave of great JavaScript-based frameworks that make creating a “realtime” app a cinch. Because LayerVault is a perfect facsimile of a team’s filesystem, having the web interface update immediately is incredibly important. Every ⌘R is two key presses too many. Finder doesn’t require you to refresh every time a file changes, why should a web app? We’re happy with Rails, so transitioning to Meteor, Ember.js or Backbone.js whole hog isn’t the right move for us.

The phrase “realtime” is thrown around about as much as “local” and “disruptive” these days, so the phrase is often ambiguous. For the purposes of this post, a “realtime” app is the following: page refreshes are not required to see the most up-to-date state of information and new information is communicated in tens of milliseconds instead of hundreds or thousands.

This blog post will cover some of the patterns that we use to allow LayerVault customers to never worry about pressing ⌘R. This is all done by using vanilla *.html.erb templates and never rendering any parts of the page using JavaScript. Once a database record is changed, that change appears in <500ms in a customer’s browser.

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Dangerous Advice


This essay is inspired by this week’s Startup Edition topic, “Where do you get advice?

Startup advice is everywhere. Books, blogs, podcasts, comment threads, and face-to-face conversations inundate us. Everyone has an opinion, experience to share. That’s a great thing, but advice taken…

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Here is an essay version of my class notes from Class 14 of CS183: Startup. Errors and omissions are mine. Credit for good stuff is Peter’s.

Class 14 Notes Essay—Seeing Green

I. Thinking About Energy

Alternative energy and cleantech have attracted an enormous amount of investment capital and attention over the last decade. Almost nothing has worked as well as people expected. The cleantech experience can thus be quite instructive. Asking important questions about what went wrong and what can be done better is a very good way to review and apply many of the things we’ve talked about in class.

A. The Right Framework

How should one think about energy as a sector? What’s an appropriate theoretical framework?

Revisiting the 2x2 matrix of determinate/indeterminate and optimistic/pessimistic futures may be useful. To recap, here are examples of those respective quadrants:


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above us only sky: Why Do The Best Startup Ideas (Usually) Have The Hardest Time to Be Recognized and Funded?


Being on the VC side of the table, I constantly ask that question to myself - not because I have the super-power or arrogance to claim that I am always able to see the best startup ideas. I just think it’s a question worth asking.

If we look at the past - how many people thought Facebook was a…

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My Tumbler Blog! turned 2 today!

My Tumbler Blog! turned 2 today!

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Testomato Blog: Be a Better Freelance Web Developer



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Becoming a successful freelance web developer is not always an easy path: it requires a lot of hard work, focus, and above all, patience.

Still, the perks of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and choosing your own clients can make it…

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Backbone.js Tips And Patterns | Smashing Coding


Good read for the weekend.

Planning to give #Backbone.js a shot!

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#webdesigners vs #webdevelopers


#webdesigners vs #webdevelopers

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  • developer: Hey I built this in PHP with this framework and I did it in like 2 hours!
  • other developer: Oh wow that's awesome! I once built a site with PHP and this framework in 15 minutes!
  • developer: Really! How cool! I made a boat sink with SQL!
  • other developer: NO WAY! I made a time machine in javascript. And I did it while I was having surgery on my left arm!